The masterplan of DHA Phase 6 Islamabad has been designed by a world-renowned town planning company called OJRM Los Angeles, USA. It is surrounded by of DHA Phase 5 Overseas Sector, DHA Valley, and cuts inside by DHA Expressway, all of which are set up with modern infrastructure and design. The high definition maps offer an interactive view of the phase which include roads, parks, commercial centers, schools, hospitals, and other landmarks.

The maps not only provide a birds-eye view of the entire phase but also offer detailed information on each location. This information includes the exact locations, property details, nearby amenities, transportation links, and more. With these high-definition maps, DHA Phase 6 Islamabad has become more accessible than ever before.

So if you’re looking for a place to settle down in Islamabad, then DHA Phase 6 is certainly worth considering. With its modern infrastructure and layout, it’s sure to be a great investment. To get a better understanding of the phase, download the HD maps from the website today.

DHAI Layout
DHAI Phase 6 Sector C1-C4
DHAI Phase 6 Sector A-A1
DHAI Phase 6 B-C Ballot
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